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About Camel

Camel antiseptic has been on the Ghanaian market since 1992, providing superior family protection from germs. Over the years, the brand has grown to be the leading antiseptic brand within the category, available in both liquid and bar soap Variants. The brand currently offers a wide range of innovative and fresh scented variants for consumers to choose from. Camel is trusted for its ability to kill germs 99.9% and the expert endorsement by Ghana Medical Association. Camel antiseptic liquids include Camel Original, Zesty lime fresh, and mild orange. The variants also include Camel Aloe vera, zesty lime fresh, and yet to be launched Camel cooling menthol, and Camel natural bar soaps.

Camel has under taken number CSR initiatives in the areas of sanitation and preventive health care in these past few years. The annual Camel Health Clinics in collaboration with the Ghana Medical Association has become a vehicle to drive this CSR agenda.


Our Products

We offer you a range of antiseptic products, proven to kill 99.9% germs with innovative and fresh scented fragrances for disinfecting bath water, surfaces, as first aid, and for other personal hygiene needs. Camel is endorsed by Ghana Medical Association. Find out more